Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path. - Proverbs 3:5-6

Welcome. I am glad you have found your way here. My name is Alexandria, and I am the writer behind Digital Ink & Parchment. For thousands of years, people have used writing as a tool to communicate and share stories, and that is what this blog is meant to do—share testimony.

After receiving my bachelor's in English, I continued on to graduate school for my master's in Communication. Six months after graduating, I received a fantastic job offer, for what I thought was a dream job, and moved across country. Personal circumstances altered my life to something I didn’t recognize, and six months into the job, I resigned.

Stuck in an unfamiliar place, with my life feeling like it was imploding around me, suffering from anxiety and depressive symptoms, I struggled to find meaning. I went back to teaching college, but felt something was missing. I knew my mental health was suffering. So, I went back to my roots--writing. I began publishing on multiple online platforms, rebranded the blog I had put to the side, and sought help in the form of therapy and church. As I became more involved in the church, I realized my faith was my biggest weapon. I sought out ways to help regain my sense of self and re-establish my relationship with God.

I had been praying for an outlet for my anxiety aside from journaling, and I knew I needed to stay active. This led me to an at-home fitness program. I had tried exercise before to relieve symptoms, but I always left feeling even unhappier than when I started. But this was different. After 3 weeks, I was hooked, and I joined the company. I lost weight, but it was more about what I gained in those three weeks that kept me going—physical and mental strength and confidence in myself.

As I improved my headspace, I started seeking out what I knew I had always wanted to do—write. I eventually got a job at a local food cooperative as their Content Writer, and I suddenly felt I was using the gifts God had given me in a meaningful way. As I progressed through my probationary period at the job (and got a promotion!), I realized this was exactly what I was meant to do.

I believe God brought me every piece I needed as I needed it. He has been ever faithful, even in moments I thought He had forgotten me. Everything I do I pray stems from Him. So, Digital Ink & Parchment was brought to fruition. It’s a place to share an authentic, faith-based lifestyle that shows you don't have to be perfect to be a Christian and connects faith, fitness, and mental health.

Other Fun Facts:

  • Baptised April 2018

  • Pink hair

  • Disney lover

  • Harry Potter lover

  • English nerd

  • Tattooed

  • Dog mom

  • Cat mom

  • Writer

  • Editor

  • Lover of food

  • Weekend adventurer

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