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"As a woman of faith, how do you feel about tattoos?" When I was asked this question, I wasn't sure how to respond initially. I had just been talking to this person about my tattoos and my desire for another. (I have 3 tattoos, and hopefully that 3 becomes 4 soon.) But when I finally understood the meaning, I was able to explain a little better.

This isn't the first time I've gotten this question, and I'm sure it won't be the last. A blog from HuffPost sums my own viewpoint pretty nicely.

The Old Testament is often quoted when dealing with the more law-like "rules" of Christianity. But when Christ came to earth and died on the cross, He did so to establish a new law: that anyone who believes in Him will have life. In my readings of the New Testament, tattoos are not mentioned. Instead, Christ is concerned with the heart of those who are seeking Him.

Tattoos cost some serious money and should therefore be serious considerations. Personally, I think--Christian or not--your tattoos should be meaningful. But if you are a Christian, the decision is between you and God. It is about conviction, and God gives us each different convictions. It does not make us wrong or right; it simply means He has spoken to each of us differently. For me, I have not felt a personal conviction against tattoos, and I don't think my tattoos diminish my relationship with Christ. Each of mine have meaning: I have a fleur-de-lis on the inside of my left wrist, a calligraphy quote of "love never fails" between my shoulder blades, and the paw prints of both of my cats on my left ribcage. I thought long and hard about each of these, and I do not regret a single one.

I am currently in the works of finding an artist to create my next one: a sea otter floating in kelp for my right upper arm. I have thought long and hard about this one, too, and I have prayed about it as well.

Each of my tattoos represents something about me. They are just a beautiful, outward reflection of my passions. Just like my heart is a reflection of my love for my Savior.

. . . . . .

Do you have tattoos? What do you have? What do your tattoos mean to you? Do you want any? What do you want and why?

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