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Snow Day

Snow brings a special quality with it--the power to stop life as you know it dead in its tracks. -- Nancy Hatch Woodward 

And stop life in its tracks it did--to an extent. Church was cancelled. There was hardly a car on the road. And I was terrified of driving. Though I was sad I wouldn't get to attend service, and afraid of going anywhere, there was a plus side: I got to spend the entire day with Belle.

My car doesn't have four wheel drive, so my mom was kind enough to take Belle and I on a little hike. And, boy, was Belle thrilled. She pranced, she ran in circles, and she had her nose in the snow the entire time. She was beautiful framed against the untouched, pure white fluff. But she was also filled with so much wonder.


It wasn't the first time she had seen snow, but every time she sees it, she is excited. And that's the kind of mentality I want to have. I need to remember that God has worked in the past, and that it was wonderful, and He is working now. I want to be able to look back on this times with joy and look ahead with awed wonder.

When we are in the midst of a struggling season, though, it can be hard to do.

Those seasons come right along and stop us in our tracks. They mess up our lives, our plans. But if we didn't have them, we would never grow. If we never came to our breaking, we would never turn to Him for healing.

The snow may have stopped us in our tracks today, but we adjusted. And that's how we have to handle life.

It Shouldn't Look Like This

It Shouldn't Look Like This