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Day 27: Commitment

Day 27: Commitment

How did it go?

Let’s admit it: commitment can be tough. It doesn’t matter what you are committing to, there’s going to be a time it gets rough. There’s going to come a time you just want to give up. But it’s when we don’t give up, when we continue to commit even when times are tough, that God can move in our lives.

I was listening to my Christian podcast this morning on my commute, and the message was on staying committed. It was quite a powerful message, and it really spoke to me.

It made me think about the things I am committed to in my life.

What did I learn?

I thought about the message all day, which seemed to make my day go by faster. (So there’s one positive.) It reminded me that it doesn’t matter if we feel something deserves commitment; if God has placed us there, then we must remain committed.

Only when we commit can God bless us.

It did force me to mentally evaluate commitments, though. What is the line between committing to honor God and committing out of our own stubbornness? In other words, how do we know commitment to something is what God wants versus when it's something we want?

I have been beating myself up over a choice that was made months ago. I felt that I had to commit to that because it’s what brought on pain. And if I brought it upon myself, then I need to make myself pay for it.

I can’t commit to something simply because I feel I have to make myself pay for making a mistake.

It inspired me to make a commitment to myself: I will not continue to make myself pay for past mistakes, and I will not see making much-needed changes as breaking a commitment.

Another interesting thing I noticed as I was listening: I realized what my commitments were. I think this was one more step into deeper knowledge of who I am and growing in my faith.

When the episode ended, I was more spiritually convicted and more positive than I had been in a few days. And that’s when I know God is working in me.



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