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When You Feel Like You're On The Cusp Of Something

When You Feel Like You're On The Cusp Of Something

Have you ever had the feeling like something is about to happen? You’re not sure what it is, if it’s good or bad, but you can feel something happening around you and you’re preparing. I’ve only felt it once before—when my hard season started—but I’m getting the feeling again.

The problem is I begin to get antsy when I feel it, and I can feel that coming on. I start wishing for things to move along so the thing can happen. And then I get frustrated. But this isn’t healthy because then I miss out on the important things I can—and should—be learning in the midst of the process.

Can you relate?

So how do we manage the in between? How do navigate wanting more to happen, but being content with where we are? What do do we when we are on the cusp?

The real answer is: I don’t know. We are all different, and we all handle excitement and change differently. I can only tell you what I am doing and hope that it resonates with you.

Focus on personal development

I’ve decided to spend the in between time focusing on how I can improve myself and my skill set so I can be the best version of me as I move forward. Reading is one way I do this. If you haven’t read Girl, Stop Apologizing I highly recommend it. It’s full of practical advice on how to reach for more. Think about your strengths and work on honing them. Examine your weaknesses and find ways to improve.

Learn as much as you can

Insert yourself—somehow, someway—into meetings. Take notes. Ask questions. Volunteer for things just a bit outside your job description. Get out of your comfort zone. Everything you learn, you can take with you, and it helps to continue to make you a better version of yourself.

Schedule in quiet time

We want things to move at our pace, but God doesn’t work like that. Everything will happen on His timeline. So spend time getting to know Him better. You may find that when you do that, you don't feel the need to rush the next step. Quiet time also helps you really begin to look at why you want things to move quicker. This can help you take a step back and evaluate the next step in a clearer light.

Feeling ready for the next step while feeling like that next step is right around the corner can be difficult. Use the in between time to focus on your growth.

What do you do when you feel like you’re on the cusp of something?

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