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The Price Of The High

The Price Of The High

Who has a hard time returning from vacation? Anyone?

Coming back from vacation is never fun, but, for me, it is complete misery. I often need one or two days post vacation to “recover” and regain the mental space I’ll need for real life and work. I spiral into a negative funk where I start envisioning all of the “if life were absolutely perfect” scenarios. Not that it isn’t good to have goals, because it definitely is, but I get so wrapped up in the knowledge that those goals aren’t yet reality that I become…well, pouty. And if I’m not careful, it will spiral into a full blown depressive episode. This is especially true when I return from visiting somewhere I love and want to spend more time in. Like Disney. Can you relate?

Feeling that way isn’t fun, and it really messes with our productivity and mental health. So, does that mean we should just never go on vacations? Of course not! It just means we have to check ourselves when we come back. Examine where your headspace is at, check in with yourself, and come back slowly.

How do we do that? Honestly, it’s going to depend on you and your funk. But here are a few things I’m trying:

  1. Take an extra day off

    If you can afford to take the extra day off work, do it. Spend that day doing laundry from the trip, cleaning, meal prepping…whatever you would normally do on a weekend before going back to work. It’ll help your brain get back into the swing of reality.

  2. Catch up on your Zs

    If you’re taking the day off, take a nap or go to bed early. If you can’t take the day off, be sure to go to bed earlier. Even if you were on the same time zone, your body needs rest.

  3. Write it down

    Track how you’re feeling by journaling about it. Sometimes just writing it down is like releasing it.

  4. Do something that makes you feel pretty or confident.

    Within reason, obviously. Getting my nails done is my “vice”. When they’re newly done, I feel the boost to my confidence. Put on your favorite outfit, do your makeup, get your nails done, or do whatever else boosts your self confidence. Whatever makes you feel like you.

  5. Pray

    Of course, spend time with the Lord. Maybe read your favorite Bible verse, or even just sit in silence with Him.

Vacation is a great opportunity for us to escape from our every day mundane, but going back to that mundane can be like a slap in the face. But come back we must, and it’s important to do that slowly. Be gentle with yourself.

What is your first order of business when you get back from vacation? What is your advice for coming back to reality?

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