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Weak Moments

Weak Moments

Have you ever been guilty of comparing your faith to someone else’s? Maybe you think you could never have “as much faith” as someone you admire. We often think that if someone has strong faith, they must have never had anything bad happen to them. But what if the opposite is true? What if our suffering is what grows our faith?

In our weakest moments, we realize we can’t do everything on our own. Those moments force us to really rely on God.

In John 9:1-7, we see the story of a blind man healed by Jesus. The disciples ask Jesus if the man’s sin, or if his family’s sin, caused his blindness, and Jesus tells them that the blindness wasn’t cause by sin. Instead, the man was blind so he could be an example of a miracle performed by Christ. I can imagine that this man’s life was not easy, and he probably desperately wanted to be able to see his world. For him, this was suffering. But in that suffering, he came face-to-face with Jesus. How cool is that!? He was actually healed in person by our Healer. The man may have felt Jesus came upon him by accident, but Jesus knew there was a reason.

…when you are chosen for suffering, you are chosen for the blessing of displaying the works of God… - Lysa TerKeurst, It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way

Do you have weak moments? I know I do. I have my moments where I wonder when and how God is going to show up. I have moments I forget to look for Him in the now and in the suffering. And then I begin to think I don’t have faith like I thought I did, and I must be such a disappointment to God. Can you relate? But, as I’ve learned through study and experience, it’s not true. Weak moments are evidence we are human and need reminders. And God uses those weak moments to draw near to us and help us.

Weak moments don’t make weak faith. Weak moments make us even more aware of our need to press into faith. Weak moments are also clues, telling us what needs to be addressed right now in this part of the journey. - Lysa TerKeurst, It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way

How do you come to terms in those weak moments? For me, I remember the day I got baptized. Easter Sunday, 2018. It was in the lobby of my church, in a huge metal trough, in front of all the visitors who chose to stay for the baptisms that afternoon. I remember how overjoyed I was and how much I wanted to cry from that joy. And I remember why I got baptized: to promise myself and God that no matter what came my way, I was going to put my trust in Him.

The thing is, I wasn’t in as good of a place as I am now in my struggle with my mental health. I was still having breakdowns almost weekly. I was emotionally drained. I still struggled to get dressed in the morning. I still wasn’t sure how genuine my smile was. But it was my first step to healing. I got baptized in my weak moment because I knew I was weak.

My weak moments remind me that I need to hand over control to God and that I have to rely on Him. They remind me to address my faith.

My weak moments haven’t gone away. Sunday afternoons are usually when they hit. That’s the day my brain has the most down time. It’s the day my mind has the most opportunity to wander down unhealthy avenues. There have been Sunday afternoons I have taken a nap after church only to wake up feeling exhausted. And sometimes, that’s been followed by tears. But I always whisper “God, please,” and, somehow, I find the energy to get moving again.

I don’t know what your weak moments are or how often they come. I don’t know how you deal with them. But I do know that it’s a lot easier to get through them when we remember that they will bring us closer to the One who can heal us.

What do you do in your weak moments? How can you change that routine?

What are your weak moments telling you?

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