Finding meaning in work is important to being a good employee. When I got the job as the Content Writer for my local coop, I finally felt like my work had meaning. Check out the full story.

I believe dads teach their girls some pretty important lessons. I know mine did. Check out the lessons I learned from my dad.

My dog Belle has really been a huge factor in the boost in my confidence. It is not anyone's job to judge her. Don't judge unless you know the story.

I'm a proud dog mom, and Belle has been a huge gift to my life. Dogs can definitely teach us things, and she has certainly taught me a lot.


Sometimes the smallest things can set us off. Sometimes we are just one item away from collapsing into a heap.

Objects can have incredible power. In 3 parts. Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


The saying is "a drunk mind speaks a true heart." But too many drinks can just confuse you.

Life isn't a fairy tale, and sometimes we need a second chance.

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